Sunday, 7 August 2016

Planet 51 Thematic Sketch Poster.

Planet 51 Thematic Sketch Poster
        Futuristic style iconSpace style iconAdventure genre icon       year 2009 icon
Planet 51 aka Planeta 51 is one amazing and awesome piece of art! There are the late sixties. The people are crazy about those movies of aliens and alien invasions. Until one day the aliens came! But it was the alien human. And the planet is inhabited by cute green creatures technologically developed in the late sixties. There is that Zone 9, where the military is keeping all the probes and space crafts send from Earth. So the Earthlings thought there is no life on Planet 51, and send an astronaut to claim it for glory. And things got very funny, when our astronaut landed and tried to pin the flag in the backyard of an alien family.

More info on IMDb
Soon a Fun preview puzzle from Planeta 42.

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