The Best Movies Ever (BME) is an independent movie and TV series review blog, with thematic sketch drawings of posters from some of the greatest movie. The artistic sketch posters are considered public domain.

It refer to some of the greatest, cool, wonderful, exciting, amazing, pleasant, inspiring, interesting, rewatchable, splendid, lovely, excellent, marvelous, fabulous, remarkable, notable, noteworthy, extraordinary, memorable, delightful, admirable, astonishing, magnificent, superb  movies and TV's that can be watched twice. 

No deep drama and horror movies.

BME is not a movie news blog, but reference for what we may have missed in this fast developing movie industry. All artistic posters are sketched by Ogo Bob, and are free to use  and alter, as long as they are not claimed. Also according to blogger rules, they may now be google property.

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